Care by Byond Group

What is Byond Care?

Care is our ITIL modelled, bespoke support service for your modern workplace solutions. Providing comfort and piece of mind for projects of all sizes and scales, with custom degrees of service deliverables.

Our continually developing Service Desk and internal structure allows your business and users to feel safe with the fact that we’re here for you in the event something goes wrong.

Key benefits:

Reduce equipment downtime through proactive support and reactive service.

Service Desk for AV, IT & Aftercare Services.

Offer support services to customers through our White-label brand.

Next-day onsite engineer availability, in 100+ countries

Relationship driven services – Have an idea? Ask us if we can help.

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Service Deliverables:

Available through Time and Materials (T&M) or Bespoke Service Level Agreements (SLA) – As required for your needs.

Service Desk

Through our dedicated, internal Service Desk you will have access to online resources and will be able to stay informed and up to date regarding your service requests/tickets. Our aftercare service focus on long-term relationships ensuring user adoption and providing valued services.

Field Service Engineers

If a site visit is required, we have field service engineers (FSE) resources located in the North West, Yorkshire, the Midlands and London. We also have access to a vast network of registered and vetted freelance specialists.

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This ensures all FSE’s can be in easy reach of the customers locations whilst maintaining the agreed response times and keeping our operational costs to a minimum, with that value passed to the customer.

Service Delivery Management

For all service contract related matters, you will be assigned a single point of contact. Your assigned Account Manager will be responsible for reporting overall contract performance and act as our interface for products and services provided.

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To ensure that we are consistently meeting and exceeding expectations, regular service review meetings will be held on-site in line with the agreed contract conditions. Typically held quarterly or subject to requirements, key performance indicators (KPI’s) and reporting will be reviewed and discussed.

Typical service review reporting and discussion points include: Service requests, Ticket status & management, Scheduled KPI reporting (if contractually agreed), Preventative maintenance reporting, Fault Management System, Incident occurrences & management, Escalation occurrences & management, Service Level Agreements (incorporating KPI’s).

On-site Support Technicians

Subject to the demand of your project, there may be a requirement for a Permanently Deployed Site Support Technician to provide dedicated technical support services, we can provide a full-time transition technician to be located on Ordnance Survey premises for a period options of 2 & 4 weeks.

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There are many advantages to this service, as follows:

Immediate response to issues. Custom user training sessions to enable client base to familiarise with systems. Post assignment analysis including service improvement program. Client feedback and surveys for customer satisfaction. Immediate access to a fault management platform with Byond. Familiarity with AV estate resulting in tailored and efficient service delivery. Awareness and integration into customer philosophy and culture.

Improved communication during fault analysis resulting in quicker resolution times. PMV can be conducted to a planned schedule and adapted in line with business activity thus reducing disruption. Training and development is provided by Byond and tailored to customer requirements. Reduced requirement for visits by field service engineers and associated administration. Planned and ad-hoc training can be quickly and easily provided to system users. Ability to develop and support daily operating processes to maximise user adoption and return on investment. Reduced FTE within IT enterprise thus contributing to low operating costs.

Care’s Unique Service Offerings:

Available individually or integrated into your SLA .

Our additional service and support offerings, bring so much more value to your Care services and AVIT projects.

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Analyse, react and preempt support across your entire MS Teams and VC estate and users.

CareAnalytics is a patent-granted online data dashboard for internal IT and Support Teams. Providing all the real-time data from all meeting rooms, peripherals and user information, so that you can check and diagnose problems if they come up, before they become a problem inhibiting amazing collaboration for your company and teams.

User-centered Corporate Video Conference - Technology Solutions via the power of MTR
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Your instant, on-site, virtual support space.

CarePortal is leading the way for support, in the new web connected world. We have created a mobile responsive, web-based self-service support framework, with omni-channel support escalation; providing instant, on-site connection to helpful documents and videos. Access our unique cloud-based self-service to video communications support platform directly on your phone without installing an app.

On-site support for mobile technology
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Remote equipment monitoring, proactive management and control.

Care Remote utilises the Utelogy™️ platform which is an intelligent, non-proprietary control, management and monitoring system, with in-built analytics and reporting for all your AV devices, wherever they are located.

User-centered corporate video conference space

Additional aftercare services:

We recognise that adding-value to your customers, especially post-project, places you in a great position to offer long-term revenue streams and builds a great relationship with your customers.

User Training & Adoption Programmes

Event Management Services

Film, Broadcast & Video Production

Digital Signage Content Production & Management