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What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience, also known as CX, is a customers’ holistic perception of their experience with your business or brand. CX is the result of every interaction a customer has with your business, from brand identity, to talking to customer service and receiving the products and services from you.

What does Customer Experience mean for a company and partnerships?

For us, it means that every time we work with and on the behalf of partners; through brand, communication and project delivery, we are conscious and vigilant with how we approach every interaction. As our partners have trusted us to work in collaboration to provide best-in-class technology solutions, it is our duty to treat all partners and their customer relationships with the utmost awareness that customer experience, comes first.

Customer Experience (CX)

How customer experience can affect the success of your next AVIT investment?

84% of companies that include customer experience as part of any product/ service rollout see an increase in their revenue.

Failing to define the customer journey and the key metrix for success along the way can result in a dis enchanted team and poor CX.

This will hit the bottom line, taking the time to scope this in from the outset is key and will only demonstrate the value return on investment.

User Experience (UX)

How user experience improves AVIT project adoption?

We evaluate each stage of the project from Consult, Design-build and onto to Care, through the lens of the end-user provides valuable insights that enhance the entire experience throughout the project.

These insights enable us to modify and flex the design and the implementation process in order to give the best User Experience – supporting this with tailored user adoption programmes ensure an increased level of engagement.

Customer Experience Services:

Our focus on providing customer experience services, bring so much more value to your service portfolio and our AVIT projects.

Available individually or integrated into your project.

Hybrid Working Environments

Improving communication and collaboration tools that centralise and unite workers, across home, office, boardroom, sites and countries.

We have a range of solutions that aid business in the development of their hybrid workforce, with user-centric design the main deliverable. Our solutions aim to reduce employee disconnect, improve collaboration, reduce end-user frustration and most importantly promote employee wellbeing.

User-centered Corporate Video Conference - Microsoft Teams
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User-centered Corporate Video Conference - Technology Solutions via the power of MTR

Decision-making Data Centre for UCC

Analyse, react and preempt support across your entire unified communication and collaboration estate and users.

CareAnalytics is a patent-granted online data dashboard for internal IT and Support Teams. Providing all the real-time data from all meeting rooms, peripherals and user information, so that you can check and diagnose problems if they come up, before they become a problem inhibiting amazing collaboration for your company and teams.

User Training & Adoption Programmes

Discover, enable, deliver and evaluate.

Organisations of all types invest in technology desiring change that delivers more efficient ways of working, learning, communicating. What is often forgotten, is that change comes only with sustained use. It’s not enough to install the technology and hope people will use it.

A user adoption strategy ensures adoption is not left to chance and is fundamental to the success of any technology purchase.

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