Consult by Byond Group

What is Byond Consult?

Consult is our dedicated AVIT consultancy service that creates an expansive relationship with our partners and their customers so that we thoroughly understand their needs and vision.

We share our extensive knowledge of emerging technology solutions available, to ensure they have all the details required to make a well informed choice when it considering their next investment.

Key benefits:

Independent needs analysis of technology solutions.

Access to unbiased expertise and experience.

Clear understanding of outcomes vs investment.

Increased ROI through improved productivity, employee engagement and wellbeing in the workplace.

A comprehensive User Experience analysis resulting in a defined Customer Experience strategy and tailored User Adoption programmes.

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Consultancy Process:

Choose from the full turn-key enablement solution, to having the option of standalone services:

Needs Analysis

We will gain a complete understanding of your customers’ requirements and challenges to ensure that we deliver state-of-the-art technologies and tailored solutions with value driven outcomes for users, sponsors and technologies.

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Services may include some, or all, of the following:

1.User experience analysis.

2.Stakeholder and key sponsor interviews to establish business objectives.

3. Business workflow, processes and technology engagement review.

4. A robust technology review across all AVIT estates.

5. Assessing suitability, usage and user engagement

6. Creating asset register including on premise, on cloud and hybrid solutions.

7. Delivering a comprehensive user experience gap analysis and reporting supported with a strategic technology roadmap.

Conceptual Designs

Responding to the clients requirements and the outcomes from the needs analysis we will focus on developing a strategic design. Maintaining our desire to deliver excellent User Experience at every touch point through our customer centric technical team.

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Services may include some, or all, of the following:

1. Technical designs, schematics & drawings.

2. Procurement services for competitive commercials.

3. Logistics, including pre-staging, warehousing, deployment.

4. Installation via certified highly experienced engineers.

5. Project Management for full life cycle of project.

Design-bid Proposal

Developing a tailored technology enablement proposal designed to support our partners customers needs. Harnessing our extensive knowledge and expertise ensuring these skills are put to good use for the benefit of the end users, supported with user adoption programmes, care all designed to ensure the design has longevity and meets the requirements of business stakeholders.

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Services may include some, or all, of the following:

1. Documented project plan with defined scope:

a. Proof of Concept

b. Documentation and hand over

2. Key stakeholder and sponsor engagement plan

3. Communication strategy

4. Defined work packages

5. Experience management and continuous improvement team including:

a. Project manager

b. Customer success manager

c. Customer experience managers

6. Performance management: KPIs against outcomes

7. Ongoing user-experience QA and improvement

8. Knowledge and Insight – sharing workshops

Additional Consultancy Offerings:

Available individually or integrated into your Consultancy process.

Our additional service offerings, that set us apart and add additional value to your customers and AVIT projects.

Professional Mockup Design

“Seeing is believing”

We can create a professional mockup to emulate the technology installed in it’s true-to-life environment at the proposal stage of the project. Our professional mockups provides stakeholders, sponsors and end-users an indicative example of the technology solution in-situ.

ROI & TCO Calculations

Determine the true value of the project.

Return-on-investment and total-cost-of-ownership calculations provide the “how’s” and “why’s” of a project. We care about passing on the uncovering and proving the value to you and your customers so that everyone at every level understands the costs, why to invest and how it will benefit the business.

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Additional aftercare services:

We recognise that adding-value to your customers, especially post-project, places you in a great position to offer long-term revenue streams and builds a great relationship with your customers.

User Training & Adoption Programmes

Event Management Services

Film, Broadcast & Video Production

Digital Signage Content Production & Management