Introducing ‘Care by Byond’

We are proud to announce, as part of our new ‘Care by Byond’ service offerings, our Service Overview Dashboard which is accessible right now for you to use. Any of our partners or end-customers can access and sign up to our web based Help Centre to access useful frequently asked questions, announcements as well as raise new Support Tickets and view their ticket status in real time.

FAQ’s help users solve known queries or problems with hardware integrations. The announcements section allows us to communicate information to support your investments. This could be service updates from manufacturers or information regarding planned maintenance periods. Users can then submit a support ticket to our team of dedicated engineers through the platform. For additional functionality, users can also create a login to the platform so they can see active or closed tickets and all the information within.

Completely managed by us, partners can pass this added value onto end-users without the need to lift a finger.

Book a Meeting with Matthew today for more information regarding our services. For existing customers, sign up to the Help Centre today to start making the most out of our Support Desk and keep updated and informed.

Thanks for reading.