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Industry-leading Audio Visual, IT and Video Collaboration solutions to help your people thrive and your business grow.
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Byond Group Logo

We are Byond Group.

Established in 2009.

Hello and welcome! We’re Byond Group – a growing team of strategic thinkers, technical experts, and customer experience specialists, committed to helping you grow your business with tailor-made audio visual and IT solutions. 

‘People first, technology second’ is the approach we take to every project. We want to understand right from the get go what role your audio visual solutions will play in supporting your team internally while delivering a world-class experience for your clients and customers.

User-centered corporate video conference space

Audio Visual Solutions, designed for you.

We know from experience that when we nail the brief early on everything else falls into place, so we’ll invest as much time as we need to at the start of your project to make sure we’re 100% clear on what your goals and objectives are. Once we’re happy that you’re happy – we’ll crack on and get to work. Ready to get started? Get in touch with our sales team and let’s get planning.

The Byond Approach.

People first, technology second is one of our core values. What does this mean for you? It means we’ll always consider the needs of the people you work with and the clients you serve before recommending the best workplace solutions to support them. 

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Byond Care
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What matters most?

What matters most to your employees and colleagues when it comes to communication, meetings, collaboration, and delivery of your product or service?

How do your clients and customers want to engage with you and how will your technology support your service delivery and enhance your reputation?

These are all questions we’ll help you uncover through our staged process of Consult, Design/Delivery, and User Adoption/Care.

Byond Consult.

Where are the current gaps in your strategy and what’s the best way of bridging them? During the consultation phase we’ll ask lots of questions, talk to your key stakeholders and get crystal clear on what you need and how we can deliver it.

Byond Group | Consult

Byond Design-build.

Once we’re clear on what you need, we can design, deliver and manage the entire project for you. Communication will be key here, so we’ll make sure you’re kept fully up to speed at every stage of the delivery.

Byond Group | Design-Build

Byond Care.

You’ve taken the time to get your strategy right and chosen the best technology to support that strategy. Now it’s time to think about ongoing maintenance to protect your investment and minimise downtime.

Byond Group | Care

Byond Customer Experience.

Ensuring that the people using your technology feel empowered by it rather than confused by it will dramatically improve your ROI. We offer a range of services to support user adoption and user experience.

Byond Customer Experience

Meet the Byond team.

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Our work.

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User-centered corporate video conference space
User-centered corporate video conference space

Take a look at some of our previous AV integration projects from meeting and training rooms, digital signage through to User Adoption Training case studies.