User adoption training

We can design and build a cutting-edge AV system using the very latest software and platforms, but if your team is not making the most of it day to day, you won’t see the return on your investment. This is where our tailored user adoption training comes in and why we always lead with a people first, technology second approach.

Confident team = more efficient business.

Basics first

This means making sure everyone on the team understands how to use the AV technology effectively. This includes operating any new equipment we’ve installed and accessing the relevant platforms and software quickly and easily. No pre-meeting tech faff!

Business processes and workflows

From team catch ups to group brainstorming sessions, the meeting room is a hive of activity for every company. Whether you want to collaborate with remote colleagues or present ideas and information to the team in-person, having the right AV solutions will ensure that your meetings run smoothly. When designing audio visual solutions for your meeting room we’ll take into account the layout and acoustics as well as the primary purpose of the space. The goal is to create an environment that supports collaboration and creative thinking with a system that is simple and easy to use.

Reduced costs

When everyone knows what they’re doing and feels confident using the technology, the support we provide can be proactive rather than reactive and you’re less likely to need an onsite visit from one of our engineers.


Proficiency leads to innovation. Confident teams are much more likely to explore new ways of using the technology. The result? Creative thinking, new ideas, problem solving. All key factors for ongoing growth and success in business.

Measurable KPIs


Enhancing the efficiency of internal processes.


Improving your workplace environment.


Improved operations leading to cost savings and improved productivity.


Solving different types of problems and creating unique solutions.


Producing better products, results.


Increasing employee engagement and collaboration.


Increased competitiveness.


Happier workplaces with consistently higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention.

Discover our User Adoption Training Programmes

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