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The world of work is changing – more rapidly than at any other time in our recent history. In the coming years and decades, the organisations that continue to thrive will be the ones who understand the crucial role that hybrid workplace solutions play in flexibility, agility, and creative collaboration.

Hybrid workplace solutions.

We provide collaboration and video conferencing solutions for companies looking for a well-thought out and brilliantly executed strategy that puts the wellbeing of their team and the satisfaction of their customers front and centre.

Designed for you

We offer a range of solutions suitable for SMEs up to multi-site global corporations and will spend as long as it takes to learn what really matters to you and your team before we put any plans in front of you.

Get your strategy right

Get your strategy right and it will have a hugely positive impact on every aspect of your business from team harmony and productivity to your ability to provide an outstanding experience for your clients and customers.

Let creativity flow in the meeting room.

From team catch ups to group brainstorming sessions, the meeting room is a hive of activity for every company. Whether you want to collaborate with remote colleagues or present ideas and information to the team in-person, having the right AV solutions will ensure that your meetings run smoothly.

When designing audio visual solutions for your meeting room we’ll take into account the layout and acoustics as well as the primary purpose of the space. The goal is to create an environment that supports collaboration and creative thinking with a system that is simple and easy to use.

Get down to business in the boardroom.

The board room is where you’re likely to host key stakeholders and clients, and where some big decisions about the future of your company are made. With this in mind, your AV set up needs to facilitate clear communication. People need to be seen and heard wherever they are in the room, and the technology should give you the flexibility and support you need to have those deep dive discussions.

Large screens, simple connectivity and excellent sound quality will be priorities for your board room environment so we’ll recommend audio visual equipment that tick these three key boxes for you.

Get set for success in the training room.

People learn best when their senses are engaged and when the learning material is delivered in a way that supports their learning style. Clear delivery of visual information, good acoustics and a system that gives the trainer the flexibility to adapt their delivery will be key.

As with all our projects, we’ll make sure we understand how your training room is likely to be used and what’s important to both tutor and students.

We work with all the major video conferencing providers and can help you with the following:

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Video conferencing solutions

AV Technology Experts

Just some of the brands we work with:

Meeting room solutions - What to consider:


Acoustics of your room


Comfort & ergonomics


Layout & shape


Tech savviness and confidence of your team

Acoustics of your room

Before we get started we’ll do a full acoustic survey. This will help us determine what acoustic treatment and noise reduction measures we need to put in place to enhance the clarity of your audio.

Choosing high quality peripherals that are certified by your video conferencing provider will also be key. Seamless integration and optimal performance = smooth and stress-free meetings.

Layout & shape

The size and layout of your room will also be key. Is the meeting room wide and round or long and streamlined? We’ll take this into consideration when designing the plan for your meeting room and make sure that we’re prioritising optimal camera angles and lighting so that everyone can be seen properly.

Comfort & ergonomics

People work and think better when they’re comfortable and not distracted by their physical surroundings. Ergonomic seating and furniture is a bit more of an investment than standard office furniture, but absolutely worth it to ensure that people can sit comfortably in your meeting room for extended periods of time.

Tech savviness and confidence of your team

The best video conferencing platform for your business is the one that your team feels confident using. The ‘tech faff’ that is so often the preamble to team meetings is distracting and can put people on edge. We’re on a mission to eliminate ‘tech faff’ for good by delivering audio visual solutions that are right for your people supported by industry-leading User Adoption Training.

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