Decision-making technology for video collaboration tools

Care Analytics is an online, enterprise data management platform that measures and monitors the usage and performance of all your video conferencing platforms. It also gives you real time information on user activity and peripheral health – i.e. how your kit is holding up.
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Data-driven decision making.

The platform provides insights into usage patterns, participant engagement, and the overall effectiveness of your video conferencing sessions. It also allows you to make decisions based on analytics as opposed to guess work.

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Making Microsoft Teams and other video collaboration platforms better.

Performance monitoring

Care Analytics will track key metrics like call quality, connection stability and participant feedback in real time. If you have any issues while on a call it will identify the problem and suggest a resolution to ensure your call continues smoothly.

User experience and user adoption

It can help you identify and understand any particular pain points your users might be experiencing through feedback and usage metrics. You can then make targeted improvements to improve user adoption.

Compliance and security

Data protection is a critical issue for any company regardless of what your product or service is. The Care Analytics platform will help you to ensure that data protection measures are in place while identifying any potential vulnerabilities or breaches.


Get detailed information on how your video conferencing technology is improving productivity and, ultimately, saving your business money. By evaluating the effectiveness of your system you can make fact-based decisions when it comes to future investment.

Scalability and flexibility

Care Analytics is a flexible platform that can scale and adapt as your business grows and the technology you use advances – a key benefit in the rapidly -changing world of tech.


It integrates with your existing infrastructure and enhances cross-platform functionality for seamless data flow and analysis.

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